About Scouting Event Payments

Can I receive payments for my scouting events via HubScout?
Yes. HubScout.com has an easy to use invitation system allowing event coordinators to see RSVP's and accept payments for events online rather than passing around checks.

How do I enable event payments online?
The group leader with administrative access can input a PayPal account in the Group Profile in HubScout.com. All event payments will be sent to this PayPal account.

Do people have to have a PayPal account in order to pay for events?
No. Users can simply use any credit card or echeck to pay for events. The PayPal account noted in the Group Profile will receive all payments regardless of its origin.

Does PayPal charge a fee for processing payments?
PayPal does charge a fee per transaction and a fee as a percentage of the payment. Please see PayPal.com for more information. In most cases, charging an additional $1 for an event will pay for any PayPal fees to the Troop/Pack.

Does our Troop/Pack have to use PayPal?
No. Simply leave the "PayPal Email" field blank in the Group Profile within HubScout.com and you can track RSVP's normally. There is a feature to manually note which invitees have paid you.

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